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Custom Lamination Cores

Various Stacks (Stator Cores)   Fluidized Stack with 3M#260   Fluidized Stack with 3M#260   Laminated Transformer E-Cores   Fluidized Stack with 3M#260
Skewed Stack (Stator Core)   Stack (Stator Core)   Stack (Stator Core)    Various Stacks (Stator Cores)  

Custom Mechanical Assembly & Wire Harnesses

Custom Brake Assembly   Special Connection Port Assembly   Linear 
Displacement Device        

Custom Rotors & Armatures

Wound Armature for Aircraft Application   Armature prior Winding            

Custom Stators

Stator with Hall Effect Sensors   Custom Stator   Stator with Electronic Control Board and Hall Effect Sensor   Custom Stator   Custom Stators with End Insulators
Stator wound with small AWG size   Custom Stators   Fluidized Stack Custom Stators   Fluidized Stator with Teflon insulation in winding end-turns   Fluidized Stators Prior Varnish
Stator with painted OD   High Slot Fill Stators prior varnish   In-tooth Wound Stator   Linear Stators   Outside Teeth Custom Stators
Several Layer wound Stator for a Generator Set   Skewed Stack Stator   Small Stator   Outside Teeth wound stators   Stator with custom made caps on the windings end turns

Electronic Control Board Assembly

Close-up of lead wire soldered to ECB Assembly   ECB Asssembly   ECB with Hall Effect Sensor   ECB with Hall Effect Sensors Side - View    

Stator and Coil Encapsulation Services

Close-up Encapsulated Stator side-view   Close-up of Encapsulated Stator   Encapsulated Brake Assembly   Encapsulated Brake Assemby close-up   Encapsulated Stator
Encapsulated Stator 2                

Self Supporting Coil

Air Coil   High Precision Wound Self Supporting Coil   High Precision Wound Self Supporting Coil 2   High Precision Wound Self Supporting Coil 3   Triangular Self Supporting Coil  
Self Supporting Coil Set for a Wind Generator   Round Self Supporting Coil            
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